Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i me mine.

Just when things transcend my understanding-ability, graphic design comes through in the clutch.

but unfortunately,
it doesn't change my salary.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


A Tale of Two Fishes

><> one
><> . . . | ><> . . > | ><> . >< | ><> ><> fish
><< ><>
><.< <> | ><..< > | ><...> less
<...>< | <..><>< >XX in
<.>< . > | <.>< . .
the sea

-Austin Doherty

Monday, March 23, 2009

when the going gets tough.

Solid day riding at Brek yesterday with a certain lady friend and her friends... so excellent.... gonna miss you Kait.
Back to reality:
Roping in a few freelance clients. Pivot communications and Rocky Mounts both confirmed. Got a freelance photogig to take a guys Professional Lawyer/Match.com pic. whatevs, cash rules everything aroun me, CREAM get the money... dolla dolla bills ya'll.
Money aside, lets get some hype going for communikey. April 17th-19th, 3 day dance party, zero waste, electro warriors from every corner of the globe battling 24/3... will be most excellent.
I'm working as the documentation coordinator and am looking for some ready, willing, and able photographers and videographers to get free party passes for the weekend the only catching being that they will have to mingle with the camera and crowd. Tough work... but we'll feed you too. Send people my way via email.

Check out my new shots from Chile on <3.com

Hit up my man tranqui yanqui in his attempt to tranquify some toxic assets project. The socialist uprising is happening, get on board now.

Also, one last blast. Zizek Club/Records, my former employer, is coming up north for a "gira" or tour of the US before they play COACHELLA. Big deal, good party, I guaranty it. Check out the dates here.


Sunday, March 08, 2009

Validation of Existence: A Comparison between my dog and my self.

Being home a few days with some serious face time with my dog as well as my own life, I've made some astounding observations as to what drives my self and my dog to get out of bed in the morning. Here is a list starting with Django.


Believe it or not, Django is evn more elated about them than this guy.

Empty bottles:

This site alone would cause a conniption fit. Every mans trash is a dogs treasure.


This one is sure to get him going. A pole acts as an invaluable place to urinate. For me, when I'm outside and I have to go, just about any where will do while Django on the other hand will endue hours of presumable suffering to find just the right pole. I find this confusing but perhaps the chosen images proves that man and dog are not so different after all.


Surprisingly enough, a ubiquitous image of a ball is difficult to find.
This is a ball. This is also the key to my dogs heart. In possession of this object, you are in complete control. If you have this, he is your best friend. If he has this, well, maybe find a stick?

Moving objects:

Moving objects are limited to the type portrayed in the image above. Cars, people, bugs, other dogs, and even air will do. Nothing gets him moving like other moving things.

This list is not comprehensive but you get the idea.

This is mine.

This guys expression says it all.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Tierra firma- I understand every word. I'm back home... but not quite.
Remaining weeks of South America fled quickly. Between rambling down the coast of southern Chile, bike riding in Bariloche, and milking the last of the exchange rate in Buenos Aires, my mind remains fixed on Boulder. The friends, the mountains, and the dog have beckoned me since the day I left more than 6 months ago and finally, they are within reach.
A flight from Buenos Aires to Panama City to LAX has tangled me into a somambulating zomby. Between the 15 hour flight, the mid-night arrival, and 6am final connection to Denver, Kait and I drifted uncontrolably into slumber for 15 minutes too long.
So here I wait, only an extra 3 hours for the next flight home. Can't wait speak to be understood and to rekindle the life I left behind 6 months ago with a few sparks I struck up while I was away.
I'll see you all soon.