Wednesday, February 06, 2008

bruce benson

i was just a little curious after connecting the name with the building and his current bid for President of CU. I mean they must have named it after him for a reason, right? how does being an oil tycoon qualify you to govern a state university?
when your reputation is beset with plundering money and a record breaking failure to buy political power, who will take you in?

Monday, February 04, 2008

i got a lomo LR-A. thanks ronald reagan!

I remember back when I was 1 year(s) old, back when America actually backed up the ideals it indoctrinated (no no, not capitalism, freedom! doyuh). President Ronald Reagan, with help from vice president George H. W. Bush, bombed the fuck out of communism, inflation, and unemployment (figuratively!) and liberated the working class in both the Soviet Union and the United States! Thanks to the lingering affects of Reaganomics and the fall of the Berlin wall , I find myself the proud owner of a plastic soviet camera with a retail value of $200 (my dad's like totally rich and gave it to me)!!!
I'll let the reader decipher any potential implications behind these statements or like, whatever but here's some neat-o pictures!