Sunday, September 28, 2008

too soon to leave, too soon to return

django jules nick pete kait devin christina matt matty sojin austin zandy team gutterball peter scoot becca creek roma americano downer catacomb sundays spring creek 78' musicmaster new strings wheres the tuner lets record lets practice lets jamroom basement sleepovers rollin durmstyle singlespeed creekpath headlamp making plans breaking them 4am denys 2 stay up late handles farrand hub hotmom holly house full house tip tom cunt blender getdownsyndrome hunting creek lightning ministy in out and over you people foursquare summer starting here ending there house party with a live show at a warehouse space free beer bring your friends coffee in the morning same old place gemini leo conerstore bogos quitting starting loving leaving missing... returning.
falling asleep in boulder and waking up here.
do you guys remember all of that?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

hey friends!

i have a 'habatacion'
complete with...

vanity mirror/tv/rocketship cake painted/lead paint chips

electric shower/feel

view/terazza/hammock/sky (they just got one here)

coat hanger.

jesus died on the cross

somewhere in eastern europe

but not here.
and now we have 'super panchos', thank god.

more things killed... eaten

one of these is getting published. can you guess which/why?

answers: the second one. ??? ?