Saturday, November 24, 2007

shugo tokumaru

as if a steam ship versus samurai weren't emblematic of japanese/american culture relations. shugo makes american folk look like edo. sorry bobby d, sorry america.

i smoked today. a lot. but i am going to keep trying. i don't want to. so. i'm changing the concept of the film. i will be exploring the possibility of the forced extinction of cigarette smoking in public. recent university proposals suggest that we ban smoking cigarettes on campus and an epic, nicotine addled debate is most likely to ensue.
six people- three smokers, three non, all students
each person will be interviewed first alone and then as a group (to see how opinions flux between private and public speech).

a list of questions to come.

i will leave myself out of the film.

morris style reenactment b-roll with be used.

more to come.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

reclused in company

i miss paris.

i will remember what i have today, tomorrow with love.

sometimes i like the pictures i take.

the background is the future, the present is the fence

paris, montmarte

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


solitude has returned to remind me that ideas will die without expression. here's to the parade and not the funeral procession.

we create when they stop paying (but not attention)

do we not already write without reward? we speak to be heard, not paid. why do we make music? i wonder where the world of intellectual content will go once it is transposed into data... how will we purchase intangible products (music, art, literature...)? How will the artists sustain to forge ahead? who knows... but this one's free.