Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Welcome to montreal, welcome to mutek, welcome to I.C.A.S... we're like the UN of culture.

Kate Lesta sitting down with Raphael of Decibel (seattle/spain) and Martin of Uruguay.

ICAS field trip to the park across the street from monument national for our boxed lunch break. (11 countries in one quaint little park.)

while trying to find coffee during the break, i encountered six times the total crap.

poutine is of course the quebecian street fare and therefore naturally my dinner.

next day of icas meetings, we had dimsum at an overzealous restaurant. considering my table consisted nearly entirely of vegetarians, we ended up with "baby squid". the liquid is tears from the sadness and suffering milked gently from the babies.

then I saw GAS. those who know, yeah... i saw GAS. those who don't, I'm not ashamed that I fell asleep 3 times... that's what he's after.

then there was the real commencement. boulder is rolling about 20 deep at this point. we all met up and entered the party collectively. Unlike anything Ive ever experienced at an event before, we were striped of our belongings (my camera included but later recovered... pix 2 come) and placed before a wheel of chance. The wheel determined which color of suit you were to wear for the night... one of the 3 primaries. With each color suit, you were assigned a room, an attitude, a behavior, and a mentality for the night... difficult to explain but so is mutek... you just sort of have to be here.
pictures and understanding to come.

valentines day, this month.

Monday, May 25, 2009

to serve is to rule and to rule is to serve.

Welcome to Montreal.
Everyone asks questions in french and answers are in english. The languages meld together like my speech and sware words. After the introduction party tonight, Mutek has proven itself to be quite the international celebration. Sitting at a table, I was lost in over 5 languages... as far as I could discern. At dinner earlier, I sat with three men: one from serbia, one from poland, and one from germany... tomorrow will welcome more. Tomorrow, talks of music and arts will be expanded substaintially though as we dolve into methods to "uphold the cultural value of music and sound creation in both an absolute sense, and in the multifarious forms that meld music and sound with other cultural practices." Perhaps these conversations will put the thoughtless goodtimes to ensue into perspective. Regardless, something here is happening that is not happening. People are listening to others who think, live, and love in completely diferent ways and places and considering how they can apply those differences into their own personal forms for the better of all. Worth the trip thus far.
tired. waking early. more and photos tomorrow.
check my CMKY review and px on basic sounds for now.