Saturday, November 14, 2009


I found this website "Office for the Development of Substitute Materials*" while I was sick in bed yesterday. It sits on the fence between prolific experiments of the human mind and a joke.

They attempt to create artificial memory, travel time, blast human embryos in to outer space, and build a machine that can make you famous.


Friday, November 13, 2009

ideas have been had before.

tabla rasa- latin for "blank slate". Theory traced from Aristotle but largely dismissed until 1000 years later. John Locke proposed that the human mind is born completely blank without any predisposed content and that the individual is composed entirely as a product of ones' environment.
ambient media- A term now largely associated with advertising, Ambient media is message that takes on the form of its' surroundings. Ambient media acts to define a media environment and communicate information in pervasive environments. Subliminal messaging.
pierre pinoncelli- a performance artist made mostly famous for breaking and urinating on 2 of the 8 orginal copies of marcel duchamps "Fountain" sculpture (urinal, dada). the provocative performance was said to be a statement that the piece had lost its original value as provocative art. he showed a strange sense of commitment to this idea by preforming the acts over the course of 13 years. he was also noted to have thrown red ink on a french minister of culture, cut off part of his finger for an art exhibition, and rob a bank for 10 francs with a sawed off shotgun.

and i want to make this.

Monday, November 02, 2009

dinner party exquisit corpse.

Beautiful hours with beautiful people. Zeus dog licking faces and knocking over wine but making up for it by licking faces. Karina is back (!) in town delighting us with her presence. Yo tight pants wearing nigga! Y'all know about that? And I thought that the divination of a singlular instance is that same perch upon a couch. A singular perch. Maybe it's just me. But it is. I mean - think about it. You have a person, you have a collective YOU you have us and we and all that we are. And you have smoke. It is. I mean, it is what it is. And though it is an accumulation of 95% of how people act, it is a testament of how people act. So Erica closed the door. And faked her breath. And all of them laughed. And that was a collective blog. Maybe Argentina. Maybe poetry. Maybe cheezy crackers. Maybe crack or coke or the singular act of what is snow and an accumulation of that white space. And I'm going for a page. Rifling through collective compilations, we search for some sense of belonging. Awkward glances stifle spontaneous banters. A twist allows for salty bursts of satisfaction. The circle of inspiration brings a conglomeration on a glowing representation of our corporate nation. (HOLY F*CKingshittt) My this, is cave is full of ribbons. they're getting stuck in my eyes, and when the ribbons touch the wet white spheres the blood vessels make