Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It's hot here... this must mean that it's especially cold back home- fair well, friends.
Bajoed the new Knife spin off pseudonymed-
"Fever Ray"
- down tempo electro-noir... Bajo it if you can.
Also, Classical guitar has been plucking my heart strings as of late.
"Norberto Lobo"
is the man of the hour.
I made a trip over to the famed recoleta cemetery, resting place of Evita Peron and every other street name in the city of Buenos Aires. I shot black and white with a red filter. Black skies and white angels. After a week of intensive photoshop work, these shots speak volumes to film. Each camera, lens, film stock, and filter brands each image with something that software cannot replicate.

^casa rosa, tourist haven, politically vacant.

^"Machine says yes"

^"The Contractor"

^"+ as -"

^ "Angels in the outfield"

clam, tait, + fluffs

Baires crew^


Thursday, January 08, 2009

leave no photo behind.

I am experimenting with a slew of new techniques in photoshop. My objective is to slip in playful color the the edge of realism in this series. I am having trouble finding consistency but remain uncertain as to whether or not that is necessary.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The internet: source of endless fascination.

I've been stuck at these two confounding websites all day.
This is art.

53 O's
the age of mammals

way cool.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Sunday, January 04, 2009

trial and terror.

rethinking old thoughts. always some thing there... usually more.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

eating healthy
reading daily
waking early
sleeping soundly
drinking lightly
hardly appealing

Friday, January 02, 2009

music listened to in 2008

And recorded before.
Every year endless lists of people make lists limited to the music released the year prior. This is a list has no such limits. This is the soundtrack to my 2008.

In order of what comes to mind first.

Do Make Say Think- You, You're A History In Rust
Two drummers, trumpet, violin, rotation between two bass and three guitars.
Spanning all velocities, this album moves like a transcontinental railroad trip. Stops, starts, switches scenery, builds momentum, and lets you off to check out each stop. This is an album you can both wake up and fall asleep to.
Song: Executioner Blues

Deaf Center- Levend
One track, 45 minutes, continuous bliss. This trip is more like floating into open space with your eyes affixed upon a black hole spiraling what seems like light years away until the last second when you realize that its right before you aka you hear an audience applause and find out that this performance is live. Gasp.

Eluvium- Copia
This is like a post-space-war orchestra composing a soundtrack to a closing ceremony. Inside-out view of steam rising on an icy winter morning.
Indoor Swimming at the Space Station

James Blackshaw- Litany of Echoes

Classical guitarist of the highest caliber backed by a string quartet.
Being a marble being dragged along by a river current, hitting a few cascades.
Echo and Abyss

Fuck Buttons- Street Horrrsing
these guys circuit bend and masterfully amplify with delay and reverb.
When you stand up too fast and it feels like someone has cracked and egg of psychotropic drugs onto your cerebellum and you get vertigo. Some times i like that.
Sweet Love for Planet Earth

Hauschka- Room To Expand
Modified grand piano.
My brain is a Rube Goldberg machine. Modern music with classical elements. This music is a machine built out of organic materials.

Indian Jewelry- Invasive Exotics
Heavily yet poignantly delayed vocals, percussion.
Reminds me of a fire side chant. Mildly hypnotizing yet aggressive.
Going South

Health- Health
Dude plays a microphone (feedback),
guitar, and aux percussion.
Fun plays on rhythm. Just when you
think you can follow it, its off again.
Extremely bipolar and energetic. Methodical madness.

Sly and the Family Stone- Stand!
Composition. Seems so current still yet I believe this is unprecedented.
I Want to Take You Higher

{{{{Sunset}}}}- Bright Blue Dream and The Glowing City
Released three albums this year. Hands down my favorite songwriter. Humble and honest, modern society, cog-ness, gear in the machine, happy to be alive, technology, zombies, i love my job, diamond studded caskets, lucid acceptance to the modern struggle.
You've Never Lived a Day in Your Life

Tallest Man on Earth- Shallow Graves
Everyone i play this for just says hes trying to sound like bob dylan.
I don't think hes trying.
Where Do My Bluebirds Fly

Wilderness- (K)No(W)Here
Drunk kids that get really into certain phrases, chords, and rhythms but know each other really well.
I can never be quite sure if I understand the lyrics but they still make sense. This is drudgey but prevails as it crash in on it self. Maybe I just miss chuck ragan.
Stand the Test of Time

Dead Meadow- Old Growth
Wah pedal and a wah voice, face melting solos, mind bending bass rhythms. Psychedelia.
Most kick ass guitar solos, slacker vocals, ramblin' tunes. Summer anthems.
What Needs Must Be

Tim Hecker- Harmony In Ultraviolet

these are the sounds my brain makes when I am thinking deeply.

Roy Orbison
His life and his music combined make this quintessential american music.

Thursday, January 01, 2009


Happy New Year. Been absent for the past weeks spending time with family and kait. Buenos Aires is hot and bustling. Here are some photos from a shoot I did for a magazine spread for a clothing line called "Lindo Killer".
Muy "trash"